New Bolton Woods Planning Applications Submitted

In November 2014 Canal Road Urban Village Ltd. (CRUVL) submitted a”hybrid planning application” for New Bolton Woods. This is for a mixed use masterplan consisting of up to 1000 new houses, a local centre with shops, health centre, a new primary school, sports pitches and green spaces as well as new public squares and a new small foodstore. The application is called hybrid as part of it is in “detail” and part is in “outline”. The detailed part is for the access points and the buildings that are proposed to be demolished. The rest of the application is applied for in “outline”, and includes where development will take place, how tall the buildings can be and their proposed uses.

The application can be viewed online on the planning portal. The planning application will take several months to be assessed by Bradford’s planning department. The Application reference is: 14/04818/MAF. Please follow this link and search for application no. 14/04818/MAF to see the application and make comments.

A separate “detailed planning application” has also been submitted for the retail development of the small foodstore in the local centre. Please follow this link and search for the application using reference no. 14/04817/MAF.

20140724 Brow WoodAbove: Illustrative image of Bolton Hall area

20140724_Bolton Hall_PhotomontageAbove: Illustrative image of Bolton Woods hill could look like in the future


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